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  • last post by 123.211.*.*

    13 hours ago

    my phone number is a silent number and not listed, so it would be interesting to know how they got my number

  • last post by 203.217.*.*

    1 day ago

    Called four times on 11 Dec 2017

  • last post by Richard Z

    1 day ago

    no one replied, and just hung up.

  • last post by Jo

    6 days ago

    connected sometime in a pre recorded message when answered. then disconnected by caller.

  • last post by 172.68.*.*

    6 days ago

    It has called several times - hangs up as soon as I answer-if I see the number first I just let it ring.

  • last post by Matthew

    1 week ago

    "This is a political survey. If an election was to be called today, who would you vote for? Press one for Labour, 2 for Liberal, 3 for Greens, 4 for another party" Automated calling system. Calling company not identified. Suspect exempted from do not call list because acting for an Australian Political party. Three previous calls from this number had hung up on me without continuing to present the survey received today. Suspect they dial more numbers than they have automated survey capacity for, so that their survey system runs at full throttle. Shows the degree of respect some political parties have for the citizens of Australia. Completely rude. Curious that survey has occurred just after Deputy Premier of NSW has suggested that our Australian Prime Minister could give Australians a Christmas Present and resign.

  • last post by 1.144.*.*

    1 week ago

    Wanted to talk about loans I may be eligible for if I was working and under 60, he hung up when I said I wasn’t eligible

  • last post by 49.178.*.*

    1 week ago

    Told me in a voice message they were my power provider and that I was in debt to them. Which is untrue.

  • last post by 120.17.*.*

    1 week ago

    Kept ringing and ringing at inappropriate times. Blocked the number after 12 calls.

  • last post by 144.138.*.*

    1 week ago

    I received a call from this number and I answered it. As soon as I said hello they hung up.