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  • last post by 162.158.*.*

    39 seconds ago

    They call, leave no msg, and I never answer!

  • last post by Chris

    36 mins ago

    Several calls each day looking for an employee that works for our company. They have been told at least 7 times that the employee works 2nd shift and can't receive phone calls and I have given the employee a message. They say they will remove our phone # but the calls continue.

  • last post by 67.187.*.*

    37 mins ago

    this number 844-346-3324 always leave a 52 second voicemail of silence, at the very end there is a loud beep. other than that nothing.

  • last post by 129.107.*.*

    38 mins ago


  • last post by 50.235.*.*

    41 mins ago

    just called me 3 times in a row... only 1 ring each time then hung up.

  • last post by 65.33.*.*

    55 mins ago

    I have been getting numerous calls everyday from numbers I do not know. I let the answering machine screen them. 863-410-2768 was one of them. After research I learned this is a very dangerous number being used by scammers.

  • last post by 172.68.*.*

    58 mins ago

    No...but I did receive another unknown call with a slightly different number...figured they tried a new number after not being able to reach me on their 1st line

  • last post by Frank

    1 hour ago

    Called Friday, Monday and again today Tuesday does not leave voicemail. Each time in the morning

  • last post by 146.112.*.*

    1 hour ago

    when I answered, no one was on the line

  • last post by T. Presley

    1 hour ago

    My # IS REGISTERED on the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST but this # Keeps calling me. I get calls at inappropriate times of day-very early a.m hours & late p.m hours. Do not know how they acquired my #.

  • last post by 152.22.*.*

    1 hour ago

    they have been calling every day

  • last post by kc

    1 hour ago

    texted that they wanted more information...don't have a clue what they want

  • last post by 65.30.*.*

    1 hour ago

    They were very evasive and said it was a personal matter but for a name that is not at this number.

  • last post by 173.245.*.*

    1 hour ago

    “National Fuel” debt collector. Not even my address.

  • last post by 38.68.*.*

    1 hour ago

    This number calls several times per day - every day.

  • last post by 172.68.*.*

    1 hour ago

    Person who called could not even pronounce my name correctly. It showed a local call so they should have been able to communicate. They have called back several times in the past 20 minutes. I ignored each. Finally turned the phone off.

  • last post by 98.221.*.*

    2 hours ago

    It comes right after an unknown call is intercepted by NOMOROBO

  • last post by Michael

    2 hours ago

    Robocall about 'my credit card' that I get several times a day from different numbers. Caller ID this time said Jimmy Johns. These people are getting out of hand...

  • last post by 94.207.*.*

    2 hours ago

    They Disguised as Police Station. Turned out they are collection agency.

  • last post by 162.158.*.*

    2 hours ago

    Portfolio Recovery is looking for the person who had my phone number before me. They call often. They're not looking for me. I don't answer.

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