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Eugene, OR, United States

Spam Activity Level: High

Reports: 71, Comments: 13, Updated: 2017.08.09

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  • scam (5)
  • robo call (3)
  • telemarketer (3)
  • spam (1)
  • Last post by showcaller user, Jun 26, 2017

    Machine generated stupid messages

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jun 25, 2017

    called 4 times today.....all within an hour time span. no message left any of the times. getting very irritated... Pretty scary.

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jun 24, 2017

    Second call. Yesterday and Today. No message left. Answered today, must have been a robo call, disconnected after I picked up. Received unsolicited call from 458-201-0420. Simply another loan scammer number. Only option is call blocking. Annoying- to say the least.

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jun 23, 2017

    This is a scam and I'm glad I didn't give this guy any personal information. sick to death of spam callers

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jun 22, 2017

    Caller ID said Eugene,Oregon. phishing scam for debit/credit card numbers

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jun 21, 2017

    How do you get them to stop? automated voice called wrong number appearently Such a waste for calls.

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jun 20, 2017

    This phone number (458) 201-0420 keeps calling my house and hanging up. STUPID ANNOYING PEOPLE!

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jun 19, 2017

    car warranty telemarketing sales

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jun 18, 2017

    (458) 201-0420 Called 4 times today, no voicemail Such an annoyance.

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jun 17, 2017

    Called from 4582010420 regarding solar panels. I told him I wasn't interested and hung up. idiots.

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  • 36% Spammer

    26 users reported this as spam

  • 32% Telemarketer

    23 users reported this as telemarketing

  • 22% Scammer

    16 users reported this as scam

  • 0% Not Sure

    0 users are not sure who this caller is

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Phone Formats for 458-201-0420

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  • +1 (458) 201-0420
  • +1 458-201-0420
  • +14582010420
  • 14582010420
  • (458) 201-0420
  • 458-201-0420
  • 458 201 0420
  • 4582010420

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