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Brooklyn, United States

Spam Activity Level: High

Reports: 1070, Comments: 19, Updated: 2017.05.30

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  • scam (12)
  • payday loan (4)
  • spam (4)
  • telemarketer (4)
  • Last post by showcaller user, May 27, 2017

    Good job! This number 8009359935 came up on caller Id, but didn't leave a message. It's probably a spam.

  • Last post by showcaller user, May 25, 2017

    This is nothing but a scam.

  • Last post by showcaller user, May 24, 2017

    This is a SCAM!!!

  • Last post by showcaller user, May 24, 2017

    8009359935 called my cell #. Picked up and repeated my company name. Then hung up. Don't get the point of calling. What I want to know is how this company got my phone number in the first place.

  • Last post by showcaller user, May 20, 2017

    Automated message about a cruise

  • Last post by showcaller user, May 20, 2017

    That is a scammer for you.

  • Last post by showcaller user, May 19, 2017

    If you call this number you will get Chase Customer Service. However, if it is an incoming call then it is a scam. I am sitting in the Chase Branch @ I 10 & Industrial in Euless, Texas with my personal banker as I enter this information. What a circus.

  • Last post by showcaller user, May 19, 2017

    They called me too. But I didn't answer it. Even if I did I wouldn't fall for the scam. Received a call from this number 800-935-9935 came through with an automated message stating "this is the 2nd notice that your car warranty is about to expire". an illegal robo call from (800) 935-9935. they was calling to inform us that our small business qualifies for a low interest loan. decided to block via Phone

  • Last post by showcaller user, May 19, 2017

    Fraudulent call from 800 935 9935 stating recipient won $1.6 Million if recipient sent a money order for $600. The caller was very aggressive towards the recipient to conduct the transaction. I'm so sick of these scammers! Received these calls on my landline. I just hung up. Then got one on my cell phone. It's illegal for telemarketers to robocall cellphones! I just received a call from (800) 935-9935. When I answered the call I was told I could lower my interest rates on my credit cards, and should I want to speak to someone press 1. I have had this call before and just hung up.

  • Last post by showcaller user, May 19, 2017

    Received a call from 8009359935 today. I am very confident that this is a fraud/scam attempt. The IRS will always send a letter in case an audit is scheduled. However, such messages can be pretty scary, even if you are confident that there is nothing wrong with your return. And once again it's the solar panel telemarketers calling from a new spoofed number. This number 800 935 9935 is a scam collection agency that specializes in the collection of PayDay Loans. they use threatening tactics and illegal methods to intimidate ... Still pisses me off!

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  • 33% Spammer

    362 users reported this as spam

  • 1% Telemarketer

    11 users reported this as telemarketing

  • 62% Scammer

    673 users reported this as scam

  • 0% Not Sure

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  • +1 (800) 935-9935
  • +1 800-935-9935
  • +18009359935
  • 18009359935
  • (800) 935-9935
  • 800-935-9935
  • 800 935 9935
  • 8009359935
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