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Showcaller User Comments for (800) 964-0881

  • 800 964 0881Spam number in us

    Last post by showcaller user, Jul 25, 2016

    This # called my young teenage son. Thankfully, he does not answer calls he does not recognize. I called the # myself to have his phone # removed from their call list. Their rep asked it the phone belonged to "Jack ___". Told her no, my son is a minor and has had the phone # for at least 5 years. She said they would update their records. I'm blocking # anyway

  • 800 964 0881

    Last post by showcaller user, Apr 18, 2016

    A lady called and asked for our HR department to do an employment verification. We are a global company so we use The Work Number for all employee verification.

  • 800 964 0881

    Last post by showcaller user, Mar 11, 2016

    I'm very vigilant to the privacy of my phone and its number. It is a business phone and I answer with my business name.  An old long term alias. All my friends call me by that alias.If the company does not disclose who they are I block them immediately.I do not answer strange numbers but look them up online first after they ring my phone.I have student loans.  I was told if I worked in a high need area for 5 years they would be seriously reduced or discharged.  I worked 7 years and was told that the Time frame  they were taken out was not eligible for discharge.  So they all lied.So I have decided to live under the radar work for cash.  No single source of income that can be garnished.I think we should put out a bounty on the collectors.Also...it's real important for you folks who think you're in debt to know. ..it's not a crime in the USA to be in debt. Harassment is.Cease and desist of all public servants works.They are the servants. Can't have servants with out a master.  Guess who the masters are. Yes, those who are not servants.

  • 800 964 0881

    Last post by showcaller user, Jan 23, 2016

    call 253-315-9713 or 206-441-9178.

  • 800 964 0881

    Last post by showcaller user, Dec 29, 2015

    These people have called my cell. And now they've called my work.

  • 800 964 0881

    Last post by showcaller user, Dec 08, 2015

    I never had any student loans. So why would they call me. BS collection company. They never leave a message

  • 800 964 0881

    Last post by showcaller user, Nov 29, 2015

    Calling my family saying they are calling about a job reference -  What a crock

  • 800 964 0881

    Last post by showcaller user, Nov 28, 2015

    IF you have an Android phone, just save their number, and select the option "Send all calls to voicemail" -Solved - These jackarses have no business pulling the scam they claim its legit

  • 800 964 0881

    Last post by showcaller user, Nov 28, 2015

    what do you think would happen if every person who owed a debt refused to pay a third party company you a ticks would shrive up and die -

  • 800 964 0881

    Last post by showcaller user, Nov 28, 2015

    TCC plz lick my under carriage - TY

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  • Call from 8009640881 reported as Spam by showcaller user, Dec 15, 2016

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Phone Formats for (800) 964-0881

Possible ways of writing the number 8009640881 by showcaller users.

  • +1 (800) 964-0881
  • +1 800-964-0881
  • +18009640881
  • 18009640881
  • (800) 964-0881
  • 800-964-0881
  • 800 964 0881
  • 8009640881
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