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Santa Barbara, United States

Spam Activity Level: High

Reports: 1292, Comments: 327, Updated: 2017.07.26

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Did you received a text message or Phone call from 8056377243? Read below to find out details about this number, Also you can report to help others identify who is calling.

  • spam (218)
  • scam (29)
  • keep calling (29)
  • telemarketer (8)
  • robo call (6)
  • payday loan (4)
  • unknown number (3)
  • debt collector (2)
  • unwanted call (1)
  • survey (1)
  • nobody answer (1)
  • Last post by showcaller user, Jul 26, 2017

    Just received a call from # (805) 637-7243 no message. not the first time this has happened

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jul 24, 2017

    he got mad at me and kept spamming me with death threats and to watch out. everyone beware

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jul 23, 2017

    805 637 7243 Unsolicited call. I am on national do not call registry. This is illegal!

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jul 23, 2017

    Good job! got a call last night i picked up and they immedietly hung up. i tryed calling back. got a voice recoding saying that it was past office hours. what a freak.

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jul 22, 2017

    GRRRR... Rec'd a call from 8056377243. They are a scam. They asked for my credit card number and last 4 of of my SS number. They promised to lower my monthly bills and give me lower interest rate. 8056377243 has called 2 times today, I answered the last one and no one spoke.

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jul 22, 2017

    Spammers... Bad people! Beware

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jul 22, 2017

    This guys at (805) 637-7243 deserve a prize for their resilient efforts to annoy people. They should be arrested.

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jul 22, 2017

    annoying an stalker

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jul 21, 2017

    WHY??? Random calls. Will not answer. Goes to voicemail. Asked for lots of personal information from me. Like my address, area code, state, city, etc. I have now blocked it. Thanks everyone for confirming what I suspected!

  • Last post by showcaller user, Jul 15, 2017

    got a call from 805 637 7243. left no voice mail. unsolicited call. spam for sure. What can be done to stop them?

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Community Report for 805-637-7243

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  • 44% Spammer

    574 users reported this as spam

  • 2% Telemarketer

    30 users reported this as telemarketing

  • 53% Scammer

    688 users reported this as scam

  • 0% Not Sure

    0 users are not sure who this caller is

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Phone Formats for 805-637-7243

Possible ways of writing the number 8056377243 by showcaller users.

  • +1 (805) 637-7243
  • +1 805-637-7243
  • +18056377243
  • 18056377243
  • (805) 637-7243
  • 805-637-7243
  • 805 637 7243
  • 8056377243
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