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  • last post by 197.242.*.*

    7 hours ago

    This appears to be a holiday marketing scam. They have no fixed address, no fixed office (or at least won't reveal it) and apparently an obscure website which they will only identify after you have collected vouchers. Sounds like the old fictitious holiday scam setup

  • last post by 196.45.*.*

    4 days ago

    Listed as "Tk Works Numb" on Drupe

  • last post by 105.184.*.*

    6 days ago

    Sales person, cannot speak English puts the phone down often when answered

  • last post by 41.185.*.*

    1 week ago

    Has called 39 times in the last 2 days

  • last post by 196.21.*.*

    1 week ago

    No. A recorded message advertising airtime I think. Very bad quality.

  • last post by 105.228.*.*

    1 week ago

    RCS financial services calling to give credit card

  • last post by ..anonymous

    1 week ago

    Called as the municipal office,about the house he owns in soweto .

  • last post by Chris

    1 week ago

    No,I don't know anything about the number. Just made me suspicious because the person that called asked to speak to me calling me by my first name only,when I asked whos calling he didn't answer instead asked the same question,I told him that in order for me to tell whether I am the person he is looking for or not I need to know him (caller) first,he just dropped the call. I then tried calling the number but can't get through.

  • last post by John Clayton

    1 week ago

    I would like to know how to contact the "owner" of this business

  • last post by Karen

    1 week ago

    Offering discounts on security/alarm systems (ADT I think). Wanted to know if we had an alarm system. Suspicious!

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